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The adhesive under the tape TUF-SKIN determined under Tape or podtejpy also called foam tape. Adhesive Tape helps to hold in place. More >>
Product code: 5190000000000

The adhesive under the tape Tuf-Skin helps keep Tape at a certain place in order to avoid unwanted movement while protecting the skin from blistering that might arise through friction. It is made of acrylic material which is resistant making the tape will last for several days.

It is also an alternative to shaving the skin prior to application of the tape or podtejpu. In the case of podtejpu We want to use glue.

The application then proceeds as follows:

- Tile adhesive on the skin

- Glue place podtejp

- The podtejp Tape Cramer 1000

- 110 ml / 113 g

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