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Amino acids Amino 2500 KOMPAVA with high nutritional value of microfiltered milk whey highest quality are designed to protect and increase muscle mass. They help the exhausted body with quick muscle recovery after a difficult exercise. Supplementation KOMPAVA Amino 2500 will allow sufficient uptake of amino acids always exactly the right volume and quality. The unique composition Amino 2500 provides maximum utilization of all amino acids contained in whey protein, which prevents the loss of muscle mass. More >>
Product code: 3050000110000

The high quality unadulterated whey contains several protein micro fractions biologically high active with a positive effect on health and sport activity. Whey amino acids will provide strong concentration of amino acids in blood stream. They are able to speed up the creation of muscle proteins and reach the immediate anabolic effect.

  • Supply necessary building blocks for protection and muscle cells growth
  • Protect against after training catabolism of muscle proteins
  • Insure better muscle development and growth
  • Positively affect sports efficiency and muscle regeneration
  • Create the main part for positive nitrogen balance
  • Contain the high rate of essential amino acids, which human body can not synthesize
  • Positively affect the hypodermic fat reduction by increased muscle mass growth


  • for athletes
  • for people with digestive problems
  • in post-traumatic and surgical states and also in convalescence pe­riod

Recommended dosage:

Recommended daily intake of proteins for the effective muscle mass growth is 2 g /1kg of body weight.

  • depending on training intensity, body weight and using of different protein supplements, we suggest to split dosages:
  • between individual meals (for increase qualitative proteins daily intake)
  • right after the training (there is the highest intensity of muscle proteins renewal at this time)
  • before sleeping (this can positively affect a growth hormone effect, which is responsible for muscle cells building and power)
  • minimal dosage 3–5 tablets/day
  • children from 8 years 3-5 tablets daily, depending on the intensity of the workout

For better utilization we suggest to take it together with food and vitamins B rank.

whey protein, starch, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate

AA compositionin 100 gin 1 tabletAA compositionin 100 gin 1 tablet
Treonine* 5,04 g 126 mg Glutamine 12,67 g 317 mg
Valine* 4,11 g 103 mg Proline 4,25 g 106 mg
Methionine* 1,22 g 31 mg Glycine 1,30 g 32 mg
Izoleucine* 4,61 g 115 mg Alanine 3,53 g 88 mg
Leucine* 7,42 g 185 mg Cystine 1,66 g 41 mg
Phenylalanine* 2,23 g 56 mg Tyrozine 2,10 g 52 mg
Lyzine* 6,26 g 157 mg Arginine 1,22 g 31 mg
Tryptophan* 1,73 g 43 mg Histidine 1,66 g 41 mg
Asparagine 7,56 g 189 mg Amino BCAA 32,62 g 816 mg
Serine 3,46 g 86 mg
AA – aminoacid * Essential aminoacid


Contains phenylalanine. Store in dry place by the temperature up to 25º C. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Handle carefully after opening and seal the cover properly

j.k. 15. 04. 2017, 11:17

zloženie, cena, balenie, info o produkte, referencie a poradenstvo.


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Juraj V 03. 07. 2017, 12:05

Super zloženie.
Ľahko sa konzumujú.

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Peter JANKAJ 06. 07. 2018, 19:44

Zloženie produktu, cena a balenie.

Pomerne veľké tablety.

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26. 02. 2015

Naberanie telesnej hmoty

26. 02. 2015 Už od malička som bol ten typ chlapca, ktorý nemal to šťastie na genetiku a patril medzi tzv. hardgainerov alebo ektomorfo. Mám veľmi rýchly metabolizmus, ktorý mi bráni k naberaniu želaných objemov. Cvičil som už 2 roky a stále som bol vyrysovaný, ale bez vysnívaných objemov. Pri mojom športe som už aj tak dosť energie spáli a keď prišlo ešte na rad fitko tak som už nielen nemal energiu potrebnú ...

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