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Bovine protein KOMPAVA Beef Amino tablets is composed of 97% high-hydrolyzed bovine isolate, a source of a wide range of amino acids in the form of peptides (absorbed quickly into the muscle). BEEF tablets are suitable for lactose intolerant athletes, power sports, athletes in pre-competition period, with low content of testosterone and increase strength. Bovine protein in tablet form is excellent for fast and effective muscle growth. More >>
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Hydrolyzed bovine peptides KOMPAVA Beef protein are obtained from beef extraction processes, that preserves important and critical components such as peptides, amino acids, nucleotide fraction, vitamins and minerals. Hydrolyzed bovine protein is one of the best supplements for muscle growth and strength.

Beef and beef protein peptides are characterized by a comprehensive range of essential and nonessential amino acids. The optimal ratio consist of the amino acids arginine, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which ensure the production of collagen necessary for the formation of tendon, ligament, muscle attachment fibers and connective tissue, heart muscle, and all internal organs. Hydrolyzed Beef peptides are perfect anabolic environment for muscle growth and basic nitrogen source for obtaining quality muscle mass in a short time.

BEEF Beef Protein tablets:

are produced by a special technology, wherein the raw material is refined several times and using enzymes hydrolyzed and filtered.
the resulting 97% beef isolate the tablet into final form
tablet has a pleasant fragrance, 0% fat, cholesterol, lactose, dyes, flavorings, gelatin hydrolyzate
biological value (BV) is 101.5
containing a high content of natural creatine, iron, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin Gr. B (B12), E and A
Beef Tablets peptide form ensures immediate utilization of amino acids and peptides
tablets are easily digested by the body burdens for
Beef Amino tablets are:

for those looking for an alternative quality natural protein lactose
to quickly achieve positive nitrogen balance, rapid regeneration of muscle
for sports that require muscle mass (muscle mass scooping, drawing)
for athletes requiring regeneration after exercise (power sports, endurance sports)
with regular heavy physical load
inappropriately and imperfect diets (low nutritional value of food, dietary errors)
protein allergen-free, sweeteners, flavorings and colorants
Recommended dosage:

5-10 tablets per dose, depending on the intensity of training, body weight and the use of other protein supplemented. 1 tablet = 2.4 g and 2.3 g is a pure bovine protein. Doses should be divided between meals, immediately after training and before bedtime.


Each tablet specifically drink large quantities of water. In case of problems with swallowing, tablet feel rozhryzte. Take shortly before training, immediately after training as a starter in the morning, before going to bed. The tablet contains rapidly absorbable peptides that will boost the anabolic process immediately after training. In the process of regeneration and muscle growth phase cells were applied long hydrolysed protein chains.

Beef protein KOMPAVA Beef Amino ingredients (1 tablet): 

- Beef hydrolyzed peptides (2300 mg) 

Additives: phosphate, di-calcium phosphate, tri-calcium phosphate, magnesium sulfate.


Average nutritional values

100g of product

2,4 g/1 tablet



1660 kJ/395 kcal

39,8 kJ/9,5 kcal



93 g

2,23 g

4,46 %


0,1 g

0,002 g

0 %


2,1 g

0,05 g

0,07 %


Amino acids

100g of product

2,4 g/1 tablet


9,1 g

209,3 mg


7,5 g

172,5 mg


6,1 g

140,3 mg


0,1 g

2,3 mg


10,7 g

246,1 mg


21,2 g

487,6 mg


1,0 g

23 mg


9,9 g

227,7 mg 


1,8 g

41,4 mg


3,8 g

87,4 mg


3,9 g

89,7 mg


0,9 g

20,7 mg


2,5 g

57,7 mg


11,3 g

259,9 mg


3,3 g

75,9 mg


2,1 g

48,3 mg


0,2 g

4,6 mg


1,4 g

32,2 mg


3,0 g

69 mg


0,2 g 

4,6 mg 

Ess. amino acids*

18,2 g

419,6 mg

From which BCAA*

8,6 g

197.8 mg

* RDI - recommended daily intake * GDA% - guideline daily amounts - percentage of

daily value per serving 


The product does not contain gluten, lactose or any other allergens. It is free of preservatives and artificial dyes. It is not suitable for children under 14, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of small children, in a dry place, away from direct sunlight at a temperature between 10°C and 25°C. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.

Maroš Sabolčák 04. 08. 2015, 14:50

funguje - zatiaľ najefektívnejší doplnok pre regeneráciu svalovej hmoty čo som mal- hutnejšie, výkonnejšie svaly - robím silovo vytrvalostný tréning ... more

veľkosť - takmer neprehltnuteľné v celku, negatívny efekt ešte znásobuje veľká hygroskopicita tablety - naviaže sliny v ústach a potom sa doslova pril ... more

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Eva Štefánková 21. 10. 2015, 13:33

velke tablety, zle prehltanie, lepive na zuby

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Vendo 17. 02. 2017, 18:55


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Michal Zobok 01. 02. 2018, 10:45



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Branislav Chudý 31. 05. 2018, 21:43

príliš veľké tablety, nekomfortné prehľtanie

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