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Protein Slimming KOMPAVA BodyFit has a low calorific value and is suitable as a meal replacement especially in reducing fat. Each dose contains only 90 calories. This protein is also suitable for women who start an exercise to increase muscle, which in turn support the burning of fat accumulation. With its unique composition gives women a rich source of vitamins and minerals, fast interlacing and excellent taste! More >>
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A nutritional supplement contains bioactive nutriment with a high nutritional value: whey and milky protein, fructose, inuline fibre, vegetable protein, vegetable isoflavonoids, biological form of calcium, hydroxy-lemon acid (HCA), taurine, L-carnitine, enzymes, vitamins C (pantothenic L-ascorbic acid), E (DL-a-tocopheryl acetate), B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), B2 (riboflavin), B1 (thiamine), B12 (cyanocobalamin) chromium picolinate, minerals (Fe, Zn, Mg), selenium.

  • The source of proteins – necessary for tissue of renovation and healthy organism development
  • The source of sugars – fruit and milky – an easily absorbal source of energy
  • L-carnitine – active fat burner, energiser and fat eliminator
  • HCA– the „brake“ of an appetite based on the natural character, defend to change excessive sugars to fats
  • Chromium – is necessary in perfect change of fats, sugars and proteins
  • Isoflavonoids – positive influence to the feminine organs function
  • Calcium – is necessary for growth, healthy bones and teeth, right function nerves and muscles
  • Inulín – a probiotic affected material that supports the digestion and calcium absorpton.
  • Vitamins – necessary for life, strengthen immune system, support organ function
  • Antioxidants – as an organism prevention before free radicals
  • Minerals – supply oxygen to cells, modify digestion processes


  • for the regulation of body weight and an active burner of stored fat cells (for people with obesity)
  • as the full–value protein-sugars substitute of after-training food (for athletes)
  • as a prevention from tumour affection, nervousity and osteophorosis

Recommended dosage:

  • for body weight reduction – to replace two daily meals (for low fat content and lower caloric value we recommend to mix with water)
  • for maintaining the body weight and supplying quality nutriment – use once a day
  • for athletes – after sport activity (with its specific nutriments supports training efficiency)
  • children 14-18 years 1-2 times a day 1 serving (28 g powder)

Optimal combination of supplements suitable for energy renewal and protection of muscle proteins.


28 g powder (2 dipstick) mix with 200 ml of water or skimmed milk

The base – skimmed milk powder, whey protein, fructose, inuline, soya protein, vegetable isophlavons, biological form of calcium, fibre, guara gum, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), taurine, carboxymethyl­celulose, aroma, silicon oxide, L-carnitine, magnesium lactate, sodium chloride, aspartame, ferrum lactate, enzymes, yeasty selenium, zinc lactate, vitamins: C, E, niacin, pantothen acid, B6, B2, B1, folic acid, biothine, B12, chromium picolinate, natural colours

Vitamins and mineralsNutritional information
 100 g28 g (1 dosage)*RND % 100 g28 g (1 dosage)*RND %
B1 (tiamine) 1,8 mg 0,5 mg 43% Energy value 1357 kJ 380 kJ  
B2 (ribophlavine) 2,1 mg 0,6 mg 34%   321 kcal 90 kcal  
PP (niacin) 24 mg 6,8 mg 36% Proteins 39,8 g 11,2 g  
B5 (pantothen acid) 8,2 mg 2,3 mg 38% Carbohydrates 34 g 9,5 g  
B6 (pyridoxin) 2,8 mg 0,8 mg 40% Fats 2,3 g 0,65 g  
B12 (cobalamin) 1,4 μg 0,4 μg 19% Fibre 8,2 g 2,3 g  
C (ascorbic acid) 82 mg 23 mg 27% Functional ingredients
E (tokopherol) 13,5 mg 3,8 mg 27% L-carnitine 714 mg 200 mg  
H (biotin) 0,2 mg 0,06 mg 37% Taurine 714 mg 200 mg  
B9 (folic acid) 283 μg 79 μg 40% HCA 357 mg 100 mg  
Ca (calcium) 1442 mg 404 mg 43% Cr (chrome) 357 μg 100 μg 87%
Mg (magnesium) 57 mg 16 mg 4% Se (selenium) 107 μg 30 μg 50%
Fe (iron) 15 mg 4 mg 30% Isophavonoids 86 mg 24 mg 50%
Zn (zinc) 8,9 mg 2,5 mg 22% *RND – recommended nutritional dosage (2 dipstick = 28 g powder)
Lecithin 17,9 mg 5 mg


Contains phenylalanine. Does not contain any preservatives or synthetic colourings. Extending the recommended daily dosage does not cause any health risks. Store in well enclosed cover, by dry conditions in room temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight

mimibetty 26. 08. 2015, 20:17

maximálna spokojnosť

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Erika Knížatová 13. 02. 2016, 17:45

Je naozaj aj veľmi chutný a spĺňa všetko čo má v popise. :-)

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Maťulík 16. 03. 2016, 13:16

Konečne niečo aj pre ženy :-) Proteín je veľmi dobre rozpustný v porovnaní s inými konkurenčnými prípravkami, ktoré som už vyskúšala. Chuťovo dobre, m ... more


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Šifo 17. 11. 2016, 09:40

super po cviceni, a sem tam ako rychle ranajky / vecera


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Lenka Gallov 22. 10. 2017, 10:37

Veľmi spokojna

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26. 02. 2015

V zrkadle som videla výsledky

26. 02. 2015 Na úvod chcem veľmi oceniť profesionalitu ľudí v tejto spoločnosti. Podávajú naozaj kvalitné informácie. Produkty užívam od začiatku roka 2009 a určite s nimi nechcem prestať Najviac som zbadala výsledok pri týchto: THERMOFIT – je to jeden úžasný doplnok hlavne pri odbúraní podkožného tuku. Doposiaľ som pri akomkoľvek chudnutí síce mala úbytok na váhe ale často to bolo zo svalov. Videla som to ...

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