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Slovak producer KOMPAVA brings a shaker and a bottle 2in1, which combines a stylish design and functionality of the sports bottle and shaker in one. It was designed to fit right into your hands while maintaining an elegant design. More >>
Product code: 3440000001205

First class materials used for sports bottle and shaker KOMPAVA 2in1 and functional design make the bottle perfect tool for the right fluid intake before and during the performance as well as during your free time. The patented bullet made of stainless steel quickly stirs energy drinks as well as the protein shakes.

The concerns about the bottles and sun exposure are focused on the presence of the chemical in plastics called Bisphenol A (BPA). While many plastic bottles, such as polycarbonate water bottles, contain BPA, our sports bottle is BPA FREE. It is therefore safe and can be safely exposed to the sunlight without release of unwanted and dangerous substances in your drink.

Stefan 12. 07. 2016, 14:01

Veľmi príjemná fľaša vyrobená BPA free. Bonusom je oceľová gulička, vďaka ktorej sa dá použiť aj ako shaker.

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shidi 22. 09. 2016, 09:41

odolna flasa, ktora skvele padne do ruky, bez zapachu aj ked nahodou zabudnem flasu 2 dni umyt :D urcite stoji za investiciu

narozdiel od shakerov nie je mozne pripevnit nadobky na protein, hypofit..

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Mária Vágášiová 14. 11. 2016, 06:50

super len by som ocenila čiernu a tá nie je v ponuke

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IggY 23. 02. 2017, 14:14

Kvalitny material, odolava narazom, lahko umyvatelny.

Uzaver flase je v porovnani s shaker pro stack tazko "ovladatelny". Ak ho nezatlaci hrubou silou, moze sa flasa otvorit, napr. v taske. Taktiez sa ...

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