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Refreshing Energy candy drops KOMPAVA Energy supply the necessary energy for any sport or physical activity? Due to taurine and caffeine encourage your mind throughout the performance, nutrients L-carnitine and fructose provide the necessary energy in sufficient quantity. More >>
Product code: 3140008070000

Need to quickly concentrate, pick up and deliver energy to your performance? Reach for product verification in the form of unique energy sweets KOMPAVA Energy drops. Whatever the sport, you are driving or are learning, this energy in the form cmúľajúcich sweets with delicious taste will surely get you!
Energy Energy KOMPAVA candy drops:
quick and efficient source of energy
increase alertness and concentration, fatigue suppression
faster recovery of the body after physical exertion
sucking candies such as chewing gums promotes wakefulness drivers
includes: L-Karnitis, taurine, caffeine, inulin, fructose

Energy candies contain the following active ingredients:

L-carnitine helps:

Burn fat and release energy
To reduce the stock of subcutaneous fat and thus the body weight
Promote heartbeat
Increase strength and endurance
containing chromium for weight loss

Stimulants promoting activity of the nervous system
It improves physical and mental performance
It contributes to faster recovery after physical exercise
Important for the proper utilization of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium
It has a beneficial effect on fertility (increase sperm motility)
It strengthens the heart and liver

It stimulates the central nervous system
Increases blood pressure and the production of gastric acid
Pulse rate, improves utilization of fat reserves
Increases performance in endurance sports
Postpones the depletion of glycogen that give preference to burn fat
Improves focus on learning

Strong prebiotic acts as a breeding ground for probiotics
helps to control your cholesterol levels
It regulates blood sugar and lipid content
Increases the synthesis of vitamin and mineral absorption

Similar to glucose monosaccharide
It does not support the release of insulin as glucose or white sugar and burns more slowly
After entry into the cell is converted to glucose and then is used as a power source
Suitable sweetener for diabetics and for reducing diets
KOMPAVA Energy drops are suitable for:

for all mentally and physically exhausted
Recommended dosage:

The daily dose - 4 sweets once


suck candy to dissolve or chew

Energydrops orange: taurine, fructose, L- carnitine, inuline, aromas, caffeine, beta-carotene, aspartame, vitamine B6, chromium pikolinate Auxiliary substances: stearan horečnatý , sorbitan

Energydrops grapefruit: taurine, fructose, L-carnitine, inuline, aromas, caffeine, aspartame, naringinine, vitamine B6, chromium pikolinate Auxiliary substances: stearan horečnatý , sorbitan

Energydrops black currant: taurine, fructose, L-carnitine, inuline, extract fruit tea, aromas, caffeine, aspartame, vitamine B6, chromium, pikolinate Auxiliary substances: stearan horečnatý , sorbitan

Nutricial information100 g1 tablet / 1 amount=3,785gRDN%/RDA%
Energetic value 1654 kJ/390 kcal 62,6 kJ/14,95 kcal  
Protein 21,24 g 0,80 g  
Fat 1,18 g 0,04 g  
Sugar 73,51 2,28 g  
Activ substances
L-carnitine 18,49 g 700 mg  
Taurine 26,42 g 1000 mg  
Caffeine 1,05 g 40 mg  
Clear chromium from chromium pikolinate 0,026 g 147,7 μg  
B6 (pyridoxine) 0,052 g 2 mg 100%
Beta-carotene 0,010 g 0,4 mg  

*RDN -Recomend daily necessity *RDA – Recomend daily amount


Product contais fenylalanine. Appropriate for 15 and higher age people. Daily amount cannot overpassed! Do not keep on the sun! Keep in dry by temperature until 25C, in well closed cover, out of reach kids. Product cannot be used like a substitude of various food. Product is appropriate for diabetics and celiatics.

Minimum durability until: 2 years from date

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