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Joint nutrition KOMPAVA Fit Artro Active is suitable for plant nutrition, regeneration and protection of joint apparatus tissue, and muscle sheaths. Glucosamine contained in the joint nutrition is necessary to restore the connective tissues of the body, is involved in building tendons, ligaments, cartilage, mucous membranes, vessel walls, skin and skin organs (nails, hair and hair), muscle insertions and heart valves.ir and heart valves. More >>
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Fit Artro Active is a nutritional supplement that contains 500 mg of glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine is highly efficient, very easily absorbed in the body and positively affects the connective tissue. After a few weeks, improves the joint function.

  • has a positive effect on regeneration and renewal joint capsule and ligaments
  • improves joint mobility, cartilage, maintains strength and prevents their damage
  • slows down the arthritis
  • is involved in the development and bone compaction
  • regenerates fractures and traumatic conditions


  • for people under 7 years of age
  • for people in the middle age and seniority
  • for people excessively loading their kinetic apparatus (athletes, people with obesity, heavy workers)
  • for people after accident of kinetic apparatus and serious injuries of joint apparatus
  • for people with inborn joint divergences

Recommended dosage:

– children 7–14 years of age 1 capsule a day
- adolescents and adults 2–4 capsules a day during 6 weeks For optimal joint protection is necessary to take min. 1500 mg of preparation a day (3×500 mg) during 2 months

We recommend:

– preventively – 2 times a day 1 capsule
- in case of pain - 3 x 2 capsules daily
- children from 7 years of age and adolescents 1-2 times a day 1 cps. To ensure the maximum absorbency, the product should be taken on an empty stomach.

Glucosamine sulphate, gelatine


Store in dry place, by the room temperature up to 25°C. Do no expose to direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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Hodnotenie rovnaké ako Fit CE Vitamím.


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