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Vitamin supplement with the gradual effect of vitamin C release, intended to encourage the body's immunity and protect against many diseases. Elixir of youth and health ...Fit Vitamin Ce is the elixir of youth, life, but especially health ... boosts immunity, prevents influenza-like illnesses, shortens colds and protects from premature ilnesses.
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Vitamin C (acid ascorbic) belongs to a section of the vitamins soluble in water and because of that it starts to segregate by urine from the organism just few hours after it is taking. It is important to fill it up every day. Fit Ce Vitamin, with an elongated effect segregates gradually 8 to 12 hours, which ensures the optimal level of it in all tissues.

Vitamin C helps:
  • to maintain the proper functioning of the immune system (during intense physical exertion and colds)
  • to produce collagen, which is necessary for the proper function of bones, joints, ligaments, and to maintain healthy skin, hair, gums, muscles and teeth
  • to correct metabolism, it is important for energy production and reducucing exhaustion and fatigue
  • to protect cells from oxidative stress (it is an important antioxidant - protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease)
  • to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns
  • to increase iron absorption
  • to clean the body from various toxic substances - detoxifying effect
  • to the proper functioning of the nervous system

Designed for:

  • people with a weak immunity (older people, people after surgery…)
  • athletes (physical practise makes quicker segregation of vitamin C)
  • smokers
  • pregnant and nursing women
  • people who consume a lot of alcohol
  • people who tekes some pharmaceuticals (hormonal anticonception, aspirin)

Recommended dosage

  • 1 capsule per a day
  • children 11-14 years 1 kps every other day

Nourishing informations

ingredientquantityRDA %
Vitamin C 400 mg 667 %


Acid L-ascorbic (vitamin C) 400mg, sugar, glucose syrup


Product is not for children. Store in well enclosed cover, by dry conditions in temperature 25°C. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not use as main meal.

Barbora Kolnikova 26. 10. 2015, 11:14

Najlepši C vitamin na trhu :)

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Mária 14. 07. 2016, 11:50

Toto je tuším prvý C vitamín, ktorý vitamín C aj naozaj obsahuje - zistila som to na základe účinku, aký som pocítila po jeho užití v porovnaní s klas ... more


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Lukasvop 07. 02. 2017, 09:19

kvalitný výrobok za rozumnú cenu

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Tomáš Smolník 21. 03. 2017, 09:35

Hodnotenie rovnaké ako MSM. Ďakujem.


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Nina Kratochvilova 29. 06. 2017, 11:42

C vitamin beriem dlhodobo a s tymto som velmi spokojna.

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