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Simple, fast and important examination that can detect dangerous harm to the body! In urine, the human organism excretes waste and unnecessary substances. According to the concentrations of various substances (proteins, glucose), we can measure the pH of urine to check the current status of the organism and determine preventive health threat. More >>
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Indicator papers 3v1 KOMPAVA 3-Test help quickly and easily identify the pH organism from urine (acidification identify the body or alkalosis), excretion of sugar levels (diabetes, kidney) and indicate an increased amount of secreted proteins (diabetes, kidney). These all indications lead to early prevention of illness and disease if healthy functioning of the body.

The principle is based on the change of the color reaction of the plastic strip, which contains a reaction agent on its surface. When in contact with urine reacts producing a color change from the chemical reaction. The color change indicates the presence of certain substances in the urine that indicate undesirable changes in the body. The testing strips serve as a screening test with fast output.

The use of 3-TEST:

 Change or presence


pH (optimum 5-7)

urinary tract infections, disorders of the regulations in the body, failure of the regulatory renal functions


diabetes, sugar absorption failure in kidneys


diabetes, sugar absorption failure in kidneys

How to correctly measure the parameters in urine?

Measure the value of morning urine and follow the rule of the middle stream of urine. This means that you leave some urine to drain and then take the sample or dip the strip of paper directly. Put the strip on absorbent paper to get rid of excess urine and after about 60 seconds, evaluate the color of the reagent zones according to the color scale on the deadlock.

Determination of pH of urine - normal urine pH varies from 5.0 to 7.0. One of renal functions is the regulation of acid-base balance, and therefore any deviation may indicate a number of diseases. Deviations from this value may be associated with urinary tract infections or can be risk factor for kidney stones (high and low pH), failure of the urogenital tract, acidosis (acidification) ...

After about 60 seconds, compare the strip to the 6 grade scale.

pH 5

pH 6

pH 6,5

pH 7


pH 8

pH 8,5








In a healthy organism  the pH of urine depends largely on the diet. This means: if you eat too much acidic food (meat, sweets, coffee, alcohol ...) urine is acidic, conversely if we eat more vegetable, avoid sugar, smoking, stress, our urine will be more alkaline.

Determination of blood sugar

Normally there is no sugar in the blood of a healthy organism, therefore there should be no sugar in the urine either. But if discovered in the urine, this means also increased blood levels. This increase indicates a possibility of diabetes type I. or II, renal failure, pregnancy or lactation ...


After about 30 seconds, compare the strip to the 5 grade scale.



15 mmol/l

30 mmol/l

60 mmol/l

11 mmol/l







If indicated in urine, glucose levels in blood plasma must be examined in order to detect or eliminate diabetes (diabetes mellitus).

Determination of proteins

In a healthy organism, only small amount of protein is excreted (0.3 g / day). With indicating paper 3-Test you can measure the current state of protein in the urine. After about 60 seconds, compare the strip to the 5 grade scale.














If the urine contains bacteria, blood, certain compounds of ammonia, certain medications (penilcilín, sulphoamides, cephalosporins) these may affect the outcome of the test. Increased levels may indicate kidney disease or urinary tract infection, excessive presence of certain proteins in the blood ...

Proteinuria (protein in urine) occurs mainly in case of: influenza, fever, significant hyperlordosis, pregnancy, extreme physical activity (ie mild proteinuria in athletes is completely normal), anemia, cardiac insufficiency, high blood pressure often the reason for failure and kidney disease, cancer, thrombosis in the renal arteries...

Good protection and prevention from kidney disease are: correct drinking regime, good women intimate hygiene, prevention from feet and back inflammation. Take care of your immune system, reduce your sugar and omega 6 fatty acids intake.


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