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Energy capsule KOMPAVA K4 Power is a combination of substances in a unique complex in practical packaging with a strong and immediate energizing effect.
Energy capsules are excited by your body for maximum athletic performance and give the body the necessary vitamins and minerals, delay fatigue and encourage the mind. More >>
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K-4power BEFORE the exercise optimally starts your body. Supplies better oxygenation of the muscles and speed up metabolism, which allows higher power. Complex of substances delay the feeling of exhaustion during exercise and also protects muscle against catabolism. K-4power DURING the exercise supplies energy and reduces the feeling of exhaustion. It helps the body to a higher physical power also in the second half of sporting performance. At the same time stimulates the mind, supports emotional resistant and eliminates stress, which can help you achieve better mental power.

Intended for:

  • Increasing the power, strength and endurance
  • Activation of the organism
  • Better muscle repletion and oxygen transfer
  • Quick addition of energy
  • Protecting the heart and muscles from damage
  • Delay mental and physical fatigue


Taurine helps to:

  • Stimulate the nervous system, brain activity, concentration, coordination of movements
  • Support of metabolism, recovery
  • Suppress a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion in the exercise
  • As "imitation of insulin – has the ability to move glucose into cells
  • Energy production

A-AKG helps to:

  • Improve blood circulation in tissues and transfer of oxygen in the muscles
  • Increase energy, strength and power
  • Regeneration and detoxification of the body
  • As a precursor of creatine, NO (oxide nitrogen), L-proline, L-glutamine


  • supports faster and more effective fat burning
  • increases strength, power and effectiveness of training
  • reduces stress, fatigue and appetite
  • supports brain activity, has detoxifying effects

Amino BCAA:

  • protects muscle from destruction at elevated physical exertion
  • accelerates regeneration of the body
  • serves as a source of immediate energy
  • removes lactic acid from muscles thereby prevents muscle cramps


  • promotes fat burning and their conversion into energy
  • has a positive effect on physical performance, strength and endurance
  • afforces the activity of the cardiovascular system
  • saves glycogen stores which has a beneficial effect on endurance athletes


Content of K-4power BEFORE the exercise box should take about 30 minutes before sports activity. Content of K-4 power DURING the exercise box should take about in half of the total length of sports activity.


Drink down with plenty of water.

K-4power BEFORE the exercise includes:

4kps. A-AKG 450mg 3kps. BCAA Forte 400mg 2kps. L-carnitine 500mg 1kps. ThermoFit 450mg

K-4 Power DURING the exercise includes:

4 kps. BCAA Forte 400mg 3kps. A-AKG 450mg 2kps. Taurine 600mg 1ks. ThermoFit 450mg


Not suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. The recommended daily dose cannot be reach over. It cannot be used as a substitute for a diversified food. Do not expose to the direct sunlight. Store in dry place in well sealed containers at a temperature from 10°C to 25°C. Keep away from small children.



conanxxl 26. 03. 2016, 20:00

super bežal som 42km pomohlo mi to

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Roman Trnka 11. 05. 2018, 11:25

dodáva viac sily je to rozdiel keď to neužuvám hlavne pri bicyklovaní do vrchu.

zatiaľ nepoznám.

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You are going on race? Try the K-4 Power
26. 02. 2015

You are going on race? Try the K-4 Power

26. 02. 2015 Energy capsule KOMPAVA K4 Power sports supplements are suitable especially during prolonged physical activity, mainly endurance character in aerobic sports activities such as running, cycling, swimming, triathlon. Due to its composition energy capsules using them especially runners, cyclists, triathletes, footballers, with aerobics, Zumba, ...
Dodávač energie
26. 02. 2015

Dodávač energie

26. 02. 2015 Nepatrím medzi vrcholových športovcov skôr rekreačných, ale najlepší dodávač energie pre mňa je aj tak HypoFit od Kompavy. Kamarátka mi ho dala raz ochutnať pred niekoľkými rokmi na aerobiku, keď už som bola naozaj vyčerpaná, červená a dehydrovaná. V tom momente som si myslela, že už ďalšie skákanie a posilňovanie nezvládnem. Po určitom čase som pocítila, že opäť vládzem a okrem toho mi to poskako ...
26. 02. 2015

Zdroj energie pre mozog

26. 02. 2015 Glukózu používam hlavne pri cvičení ako zdroj energie, keď som mal Kreatín bral som ho spolu s Glukózou. Výborne mi pomohol hlavne v období skúšok, učenie je dosť veľká záťaž na mozog aj moja doktorka povedala, že mozog funguje hlavne na cukroch. Najviac mi vyhovuje 2kg balenie dlhšie mi vydrží. M.M. Vrbové
26. 02. 2015

Oveľa viac energie

26. 02. 2015 Keďže pravidelne cvičím už dlhé roky tak som sa opät ako každý rok vybrala na športovú výstavu v Inchebe. Hneď som si všimla stánok s Kompavou a k tomu ma hneď oslovila veľmi sympatická pani a začala mi odporúčať výrobky. Už som mala nejaké skúsenosti s Kompavou a veľmi dobré, tak som si spravila prehľad ďalších nových výrobkov. Keďže dosť veľa a pravidelne bicyklujem, tak mi odporučila Thermofit. ...

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