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Nutritional supplement for bodybuilders Creatine KOMPAVA Creapure® is designed to increase strength and performance, increase muscle mass and the overall improvement of physical condition. It is ideal for use in explosive types of training for overall strength and speed. It is a common component of pre-workout pump, multi-component proteins, gainers and amino acid mixtures. Creatine in the form of 100% creatine monohydrate registered Swiss trademark Creapure® - highest quality form of creatine. More >>
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Creatine is a natural substance that occurs receiving from food in human body. It is an ATP (adenosinethre­ephosphate) energy source, which is used when glycogen reserve for muscle-work ran out.

  • For energy and strength completing
  • Helps to stay fit and reduces the time for recovery after physical load
  • Improves vitality 
  • Increases muscle mass volume
  • Helps to reduce the level of cholesterol
  • Suppress the production of lactic acid, reduces risk of muscle cramps


  • for athletes with a need of muscle mass increasing (will vitalize and strengthen anabolism)
  • for people with serious affections (accelerate regeneration process at rehabilitation)
  • for elderly people (strengthen kinetic efficiency by power facilities improvement)
  • for vegetarians (it is not included in vegetable meal)

Recommended dosage:

  • loading phase: 5g of creatine 4–6 a day during first week. Point of this phase is maximal saturation of muscles by creatine.
  • keeping phase: 5g of creatine a day during 4–6 weeks
  • we suggest to take it before meal, before training and right after training and before sleeping

It is advised to have 2 weeks creatine free period before further usage


5 g (1 dipstick) of powder mix with 250–300 ml of water. For better utilization and absorbency we suggest combination using saccharine drinks (Gainer cocktail, EnergoFit or HypoFit).



Extending of recommended dosage does not cause any health risks. Do not exceed to direct sunlight. Store in dry place in well sealed cover by temperature up to 25˚C.

Dušan Radič 09. 05. 2016, 09:45

zatial o.k

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Roman Stanec 11. 07. 2016, 09:00

velmi ucinny

mene prijemne pozivani (pisek v ustech :-)

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David Bartošek 10. 08. 2016, 00:21

běžný produkt, ale můžu i tak doporučit

nenašel jsem

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Ľuboš Kráľ 25. 10. 2016, 17:35

super ešte som ho nedobral sila pri tlaku o 10 kg hore...

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Dominik 03. 03. 2017, 15:37


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Sila v nohách
26. 02. 2015

Sila v nohách

26. 02. 2015 ArgiNO drink je vynikajúci hlavne pri tréningoch s vysokým zaťažením. V objemovej príprave som aj vďaka ArgiNO drinku bol schopný odtrénovať náročné cyklistické tréningy aj niekoľko dní po sebe. Pri dlhotrvajúcej záťaži mi sily zvyčajne postupne odchádzali, ale potom ako som vyskúšal ArgiNO drink, nemal som pocit únavy ani po niekoľkohodinovej záťaži. Namiesto únavy som cítil zdravú silu v nohách ...

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