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Nutritional supplement KOMPAVA Lecithin is made from 100% natural soy oil without additives necessary for the proper functioning of all body cells. It helps in improving memory, concentration and thinking support. More >>
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Lecithin is the source of choline (vitamin B4), inozithole (vitamin B8), phospholipide and amino acid methatione. Lecithin is a part of each living cells – muscular, nervous and cerebral.

  • Improves memory and concentration, support thinking, makes body calm, has a positive influence for sleeping defect (using together with honey will enlarge brain vessels)
  • Clears walls of blood vessels, protects against vessel’s congestion
  • Supports change of fat – dissolve fatty and cholesterol sediments (with sufficient feeder of vitamin C and tassel, helps to decrease a level of cholesterol)
  • Reinforces the immune system, against fatigue
  • Protects liver 
  • Improves the skin and hair quality
  • Contribues to the increase of endurance
  • Necessary for organism regeneration – speeds up muscle relaxing after sport exercise
  • Has positive influence on stool regulation
  • Supports absorption of vitamins soluble in fat A, D, E, K


  • for EVERYBODY !!!
  • for students, adults, sportsman, seniors, and obese people.

Recommended dosage:

1–2 capsules a day – from 3 years

Soya lecithin, gelatine, glycerol

Nutrition information100 g1 capsule
Energetic value 2698,4 kJ/652 kcal 43,85 kJ
Proteins 31,6 g 0,52 g
Fats 48,9 g 0,79 g
Carbohydrates 20,7 g 0,34 g


Store in well-enclosed cover, by dry conditions in temperature until 25°C. Do not expose to the direct sunlight.

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