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Natural mineral for beauty and strength of joints KOMPAVA MSM provides sulfur to keratine production necessary to maintain the beauty and health of skin, skin, nails and hair. Keratin is formed in the body moisturizing, softening and smoothing effect. The organic sulfur contained in KOMPAVA MSM is used for different types of acne, it helps to reduce and eliminate the causes of acne. More >>
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MSM (methylsulfonyl­methane) presents very important source of organic sulphur (34 %), which supports the production of many important nutritional elements including amino acids of glutathione, cysteine and methionine. It has a diverse range of important functions in the body.


  • The circulation is maintained over 12 hours and helps detoxify the body
  • Helps with disorders of the immune system
  • Provides sulfur to produce keratin necessary to maintain the beauty and health of the skin, hair and nails
  • Important for the formation of collagen, which is necessary for the proper formation of cartilage and bone
  • Promotes the production of vitamins (C, H, B5 and B13), which are necessary for the proper function of the nervous system and metabolism
  • Supports the synthesis of sulfur amino acids methionine and cysteine ​​(detoxifying effect)


  • for allergic people
  • for people with immune system and join apparatus problems
  • for people with skin and digestive problems

Recommended dosage:

Children in age 7 – 14: first 2 weeks 2×1 cps, than continue 1×1 cps a day. Teenegers in age 15 – 18 and adults: 2 cps a day. Take before or during the meal. Do not use before sleeping.

methylsulfonyl­methane - OptiMSM ™, gelatine, E171

Nutritional informations

ingredient1 capsule contains
MSM (methylsulfonyl­methane) 500 mg


Adverse effects are not known. Do tot expire to right sunlight. Handle carefully after opening and seal the cover properly. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children, in dry place by the temperature up to 25°C. Not suitable for children till 7 years, pregnant and breastfeeding wo­men.

iwuska112 20. 07. 2015, 09:43

Rýchla účinnosť

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Zlatica Radošovská 25. 03. 2016, 23:17

Super niet čo dodať.


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Sisi 04. 06. 2016, 16:46

MSM prospieva mojej problematickej pleti - po dlhých rokoch si konečne užívam pleť s minimálnym výskytom akné. Odporúčam vyskúšať tento doplnok ľuďom ... more


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Mária Vágášiová 14. 11. 2016, 06:49


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Mária 30. 01. 2017, 12:48

Potvrdzujem, že uvedený výživový doplnok má deklarované účinky, ktoré som na sebe začala viditeľne vidieť cca po prvom týždni užívania (beriem 2x denn ... more


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Zinok - minerál na kĺby, svaly a akné.
26. 02. 2015

Zinok - minerál na kĺby, svaly a akné.

26. 02. 2015 Zinok patrí medzi mikrolelementy (zložky nachádzajúce sa v našom organizme len v nepatrnom množstvo, no pre správne fungovanie nepostrádateľné). Po železe je druhým najviac zastúpeným stopovým prvkom v ľudskom tele. Vyskytuje sa skoro vo všetkých orgánoch, najväčšiu koncentráciu má v hormóne inzulín (tvorí jadro inzulínovej molekuly). Nachádza vo vysokej koncentrácii aj v očných tkanivách a význam ...

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