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The dietary supplement for the heart KOMPAVA Omega-3 are essential unsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to the correct functioning of the heart by reducing blood cholesterol. Body can not produce them and therefore we must obtain them from dietary intake. More >>
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Nutritional supplement for heart KOMPAVA Omega-3 is important for the body fatty acids found in fish, known for its retarding influence on the aging human brain. For women, it is essential that they are of good fat to aid in weight loss by during exercise improves the flow of blood to the muscles. KOMPAVA Omega-3 is not stored in the body, but are clean source of energy for a healthy body.

KOMPAVA importance of Omega-3 for the human body:

active compounds EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart
High cholesterol - effectively reduce the levels of bad cholesterol
DHA - it contributes to proper brain function and maintenance of good vision
enhance athletic performance by improving the blood circulation in organs (improves blood supply to the muscles, regulate lactic acid delays the onset of fatigue)
It increases levels of good cholesterol HDL
prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels
increase the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the stickiness of blood platelets
support the immune system
protect and improve the complexion

KOMPAVA health supplement Omega-3 is designed for:

for healthy children
sportsmen and students
people with advanced age
pregnant women and nursing mothers
Recommended dosage:

1-2 capsules per day (adults) Take with food.

Fish oil, animal gelatine, glycerol

Nutritional informationContents in 1 capsule
Energy value 37,68 kJ / 8,97 kcal
Proteins 0 mg
Sugars 0mg
Fats/ fish oil 1000 mg
EPA- acid eikosapentaénová 180 mg
DHA- acid dokosapentaénová 120 mg
Total contents fat acids Omega-3 350 mg

Other ingredients: gelatine, calcium sulphate, betain hydrochloride, glutamine acid, magnesium stearate, glycerine


After opening close the cover carefully. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store in well enclosed cover, by dry conditions in room temperature.

Stefan 16. 12. 2015, 13:53

Veľmi dobrý doplnok zdravých tukov vo výžive.

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Robert Markovics 17. 05. 2016, 17:37

Vrele odporúčam

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Tomáš Molčák 23. 07. 2016, 10:22


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Ľuboš Kráľ 21. 09. 2016, 18:02

má to svoj efekt

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Peter Fašung 24. 11. 2016, 00:23


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