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Slovak producer KOMPAVA referred to as the first Slovak market shaker Prostakov from a reputable foreign company Blender Bottle. Prostakov offers you the opportunity to wear your daily dose of protein, amino acids and BCAAs in a handy package. Forget plastic bags or vials in a bag. Prostakov offers all in one and all made from premium materials (BPA free).
Impermeable, expandable and incredibly powerful! More >>

Shaker Prostakov BlenderBottle:

do not wear bags or vials - proteins, amino acids and capsules you need before, during or after training, fit into two containers and container Capsule
is made of premium materials free of phthalates and BPA, so you do drink, do not emit harmful substances (even if the impact of sunlight on shaker)
patented bullet BlenderBall® made of stainless steel ensure thorough To blend powders and denser mixtures (eg. oatmeal, yogurt)
cap provides 100% leak free racing
opening and closing is easy by using snap closure
special adapter allows a comfortable fit shaker
Contents of the package shaker:

- 450 ml shaker

- 150 ml container with separate lid

- 100 ml container with separate lid

- Separate container capsules or tablets

- BlenderBall® patented stainless steel

Brian 10. 09. 2015, 11:09

Perfektne rozmixuje vsetky hrudky.
Lahko sa nesia za pomoci uchytky.

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Jana Fáberová 18. 12. 2015, 20:34

Krásna farba, presný popis produktu

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Marek Horváth 23. 03. 2016, 06:25

všetko pohromade skladné rýchla príprava

zatiaľ neviem

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Roman Stanec 11. 07. 2016, 09:01

dobre se drzi
hezky vypada (zelena barva)
neobsahuje skodliviny v plastu
dobre se umyva

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erik jenča 12. 09. 2016, 11:48

Výborný, lepší som nemal. Kvalitné spracovanie, ľahko sa čistí.

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