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Test blood group is a set of home test to determine your blood group systems ABO and Rh-D. Try this quick and simple test at home and we have the exact type of blood groups - A, B, AB, and the 0th More >>
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ABO system

A person with blood group A has the erythrocyte surface antigen protein called A person with blood group B antigen is a protein called B, a person with blood group AB has antigen A and antigen B and a person with blood group 0 has no antigens or antigen B. Blood plasma may include one, both, or none of Anti-A and Anti-B

Blood type is determined genetically. Antigens (substances inducing the production of antibodies) are present from birth, while antibodies are developed during the first year of life. Landsteinerovo finding led to extensive investigation and was discovered by a number of other blood types of systems, among which the most important system Rh discovered in 1940.

How does the test work?

In the first three round fields on the card has anti-A, anti-B and anti-D.

These antibodies combine the red cells together with the corresponding antigens into clusters called agglutinates. Agglutinate visible ordinary eye. Thus, the blood group A - containing antigen A - will agglutinate in the box anti-A blood group B will agglutinate in box anti-B blood group AB will agglutinate in the windows Anti-A and Anti-B, even though the blood group 0 or not agglutinate in the field of anti-A nor anti-B box.

To obtain the correct result it is essential that you do not mix the contents of the box to another box.

The fourth ring contains a control agent. Normally, this ring if there is no agglutinates. If there is something in the course of the test performed badly and the result is invalid. This may be the result of improper test procedure or test, spontaneous agglutination of red blood cells (this may make some people rarely occur).

Set contents:

1 aluminum package "ID CARD" containing the test card
1 pipette
4 sticks
2 sterile lancets for blood withdrawal
1 Band-Aid
1 piece of foil
Detailed instructions for use even with pictures

glass of water
clock or stopwatch
clean paper towel

Not suitable for use hemophiliacs or persons who are taking blood thinners (anticoagulants). Low number of blood cells on a weak D antigen and agglutinate may not be visible. So weak D antigens can show with certainty only specialized laboratory. In exceptional cases may be specified agglutinates formed in the presence of certain proteins. If this is the case, it is also visible agglutinates in the control rings, which means an invalid result. It must be made a new test. It is possible that your blood type can be determined only by specialized center. Never use a lancet that has already been used. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

This test is not a medical means!

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