Proteins are the most basic nutritional supplement every bodybuilder or an athlete with an emphasis on muscle growth and quality muscle mass. They are a rich source of protein and amino acids that are the building blocks of each muscle cell, thus strengthening and use of proteins muscle growth faster. By using the protein also it improves regeneration, performance, containing vitamins and exercise strengthens the immune system.

The proteins we can according to the amount of protein broken down into whey concentrate (35-89%) - suitable for beginners, whey isolate (90-95%) - particularly suitable for advanced bodybuilders with high demands and nakoniecsrvátkový hydrolyzate (95-99%) - the highest quality manufactured protein, high-protein, is the better predigested useful for the organism. However, there are caseins, soy, split pea, hemp, egg, hoväzdie proteins, but it is still the most widely used whey protein.

For beginners or people with problems scoop recommended protein with lower protein content and for advanced proteins with a protein content of 60% or more. Through the use of purely natural ingredients, our proteins suitable for youth and juniors. Proteins for women are suitable for any lady or girl, who thinks that with the reduction of their weight seriously!


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